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An Apple A Day For Health Care
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Mar 03, 2014 << Back


Some ideas to chew on:

- Adding healthier options to vending machines (granola bars, trail mix, nuts etc.).

- Setting up a water cooler and ditching the soda machine.

- Giving cash back to employees who invest in healthy lifestyle choices (such as smoking cessation, yoga classes and gym memberships)

- Brightening up the surroundings with a little plant life - who doesn't like a little more oxygen to get through the day?

- Opening the blinds to let the sun shine in - it can help improve moods and boost productivity.

- Offering stand-up work stations. May seem extreme, but sitting all day compounds health issues from obesity to heart disease.

Even if you're in a position to offer health care benefits, healthy alternatives could make you eligible for provider discounts and give your staff (and your bottom line) a clean(er) bill of health. 

Blog Credit: Manta