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Are You A Good Boss Or A Bad Boss?
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Mar 03, 2014 << Back

Most of us can recall at least one great teacher who really made a difference in our lives. Bosses can be the same. There are the bosses who teach, mentor, guide and help you grow in your career, and then there are those who rule more like Genghis Khan and make life miserable. Where you fall as a leader makes a difference for morale, productivity, retention and hiring. 

Consider these comparisons:

- Great leaders respect and appreciate employees - and know an investment in employees has huge return on investment (ROI) potential. 

- Bad leaders don't value every opinion and lack a big picture view of how every effort plays a role in ultimate success. 

- Great leaders see employees as human beings, and invest in their professional development and overall well-being. 

- Bad leaders hide faults, and often see employees only as resources to carry out an agenda. 

- Great leaders get in trenches and provide support as a team player, and always take ultimate responsibility for failures. 

You can have high expectations - and exceptional results - without running your company like a boot camp. Effective leaders inspire, encourage and set the bar high (for their team and themselves). So, what kind of boss are you?

Blog Credit: Manta