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Fix Your Innovation Rut
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Mar 03, 2014 << Back

No matter what your industry—or how long you’ve been working in and at it—there will always be new ways to innovate and solve problems. It’s easy for small business leaders to get stuck in a rut and think of innovation as something that happens only in Silicon Valley or in mega companies with monster budgets. Not true. Small companies drive innovation—even in mature industries.

The key? Find something people want. And then find a way to give it to them. How?

- Start with asking the right questions. Don’t ask why. Ask, why not? Ask, what if? Those who drive innovation and change spend a lot of time in the process of discovery.

- Get out and observe—watch your customers and talk to them.

Have some new conversations, with unfamiliar people. What are they inspired by? What are they doing?

- Network outside of your industry. What are they saying about the future and how you can you apply it to your industry.

- Create a culture of innovation within your business. Reward and encourage ideation in your staff.

- Innovate yourself. Reacquaint yourself with your inner entrepreneur. What motivated you to start your current company in the first place?

To grow, innovate or change, the only way out of the rut is to roll up your sleeves and start somewhere.

Blog Credit: Manta