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Keep Your Cloud Safe
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Mar 03, 2014 << Back

Everybody, it seems, is putting something in a cloud. Photos, music, even precious small business data. The cloud is clearly the way information storage is headed, and offers big benefits like the flexibility to work remotely, reduced costs, and it can save the day when laptops die. Cloud computing gives us peace of mind, knowing files, data and applications are tucked neatly away in a metaphorical vapor. But, despite all of the good, there’s still the looming question around security.

Basic rules of thumb:

-Choose a cloud service provider known for strong network security, with multiple geographic regions and multi-level redundancy.
-Read the security and privacy fine print before you commit.
-May seem obvious, but make sure you’re on a secure network.
-Set boundaries for your cloud. Who uses it? When and why?
-Perform ongoing security reviews; don’t just move to the cloud and forget about it.

Just like in nature, not all clouds are not created equal, so do your due diligence—consider what you’ll be storing and what works best for your unique business needs.


Image credit: Manta