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Small Business Week Opportunities
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Mar 03, 2014 << Back

Some things to consider:

- Live stream events hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) or tune into webinars covering diverse business topics to up your small business knowledge.

- Find out what's going on locally with your chamber of commerce and other organizations, and get involved. 

- Bring attention to the week - and the importance of local support - in your advertising and social media. 

- Thank your customers and offer discounts and specials that run the whole week. 

- Have an open house to engage existing customers. Encourage them to bring friends. 

- Partner with your local library to conduct a program or act as a subject matter expert. 

Regardless how you decide to take advantage of the extra national (and, hopefully, local) attention about the importance of small businesses, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back and celebrate well. You've earned it. 

Blog Credit: Manta