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Think Before You Post
Tip of the day

Mar 03, 2014 << Back

Remember: The Internet is a public space where potential customers roam. If you wouldn't want a customer hearing you say it in the real world, don't do it in a virtual one. 

Things you write can often be traced back to your business - and depending upon what you say and how you say, it could muddy your reputation. 

Keyboard, computer screen and miles between the person typing and the person or story being commented on can create a false sense of security, and a quick bit of research can often uncover the author. So, tread lightly when someone shares something you don't agree with. Words can come back to bite you and tarnish the business status you've worked so hard to build. Digital footprints, unlike the ones left in the snow, don't melt away. They're everlasting. Use good judgment before posting. 

Blog Credit: Manta