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Track Down Your Ideal Customer
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Mar 03, 2014 << Back

To help you find your perfect match:

Create personas: Whenever appropriate, ask current customers questions about who they are (such as age and education level) to help flesh out your audience. This will help refine messaging. 

Segment groups: Find commonalities among customers and separate into subgroups - this will help you speak to them individually. Think of it like this, if you have baby boomers and millennials, using the same language for both groups might not produce the best results. 

Listen closely: See what people have to say on your social media platforms, then dig around and find out who these engaged folks are and what they're all about. 

Never assume you know exactly who your audience is without having data to back it up, and never think that your audience is everyone. Sleuth around, make discoveries and market accordingly. 

Blog Credit: Manta