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Mar 03, 2014 << Back

With all of the recent talk of the Google's latest algorithm change, it's hard not to wonder (or worry) whether or not your site is up to par. It also raises the questions of how to effectively optimize for mobile and who to trust to do the work?

A lot of people say they can design websites or claim to specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it's important to invest wisely and to not forgo due diligence before handing over the keys to your domain. Some simple tips for choosing a professional resource include:

- If they promise you the world - keep looking.

- Ask for current and diverse group of work examples. (Be sure to review on multiple devices)

- Request a list of current and past clients. 

When considering your ability to be found by potential customers, don't take chances; hire a trusted professional. Having a site that plays nicely with mobile is paramount - your Google search ranking depends on it. 

Blog Credit: Manta