Tea Tree Bar Soap

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For face & body , Men , Women and Children 1month+


Skin Treatment - Our Tea Tree Bar Soap has so many anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits to help heal the skin

Removes Body & Feet Odor - Tea Tree helps in removing all bad bacteria which causes body odor with its many antibacterial properties. Also great for ring worms and athletes foot

Removes Scars & Marks - Tea Tree is known for its cicatrisant properties. Regular use of our soap on the affected area will help reduces the appearance of scars

Soften Corns - Use our soap on a regular basis to soften corns and eventually get rid of them in a short time. lightly wash off for best results.

Homeopathic treatment - With antiseptic properties our Tea Tree Soap can be used for burns, cuts, diaper rash and fungal infections.


Raw shea butter soap and Tea tree oil

This product is not evaluated by the FDA.

Consult your physician before use

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